Deshawn McKinney ’17 carries a chair out to the Terrace, 2017.

Deshawn McKinney ’17 carries a chair out to the Terrace, 2017. (Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

Wish You Were Here: Terrace Time

Concerts on the bandstand. Pitchers with friends. Hours of conversation over sheepshead and cribbage and euchre. Brats at lunch and sailboats at sunset. Choosing the best chair. (John Deere green? Allis Chalmers orange? Sunshine yellow?) 

Badger friendships are cemented over Terrace time. But in the summer of 2020, students, faculty, staff, and alumni are away and the Terrace is a shadow of itself. Help us remember what makes this spot special. Share your best Terrace story, or offer advice about the best way to experience the most iconic place on campus. 

Send us your memory or tag your posts #WhereBadgersBelong. (Include photos, please!) We’ll add them to this scrapbook.


I remember a “spring break” style event MU-Social Ctte put on in early-ish 80s, complete with sand. Fun, but a mess! 
Susan Stemper ’83, MS’87 

​I wrote my dissertation on the Terrace. Relaxing space. 
William Schmitz ’85, MS’92, MS’93, PhD’97, MS’99, MS’09 

In the late ’50s I was “Best Boy” to Louis Armstrong and he had me buy a gross of cotton handkerchiefs, pressed flat. Also, a Wisconsin mug and a large bottle of gin. For which he gave me $100 bill. Quite a thrill! I wish I had saved one of those handkerchiefs. 
Richard Leifer ’63 

​My most memorable concert was the Fall of 2018 when Steely Dane performed. 
Julius Lee 

​I accidentally fell asleep on the top floor after a long night working at the Terrace, and I DID hear a loud noise at like 3 a.m. 
Jack Snedegar x’21 

​I would pay $100 for a pitcher of Spotted Cow and a bag of popcorn on the Terrace at this point.
Rick Kalson ’90 

The Terrace! Dreaming of being there in the sun with a beer. Ahhhhhh 
Michelle Ruehlman Hans ’88 

The Terrace!! Best time of my life!!  
Mapi Marquez-Rogers 

Sitting on the Terrace while eating a double scoop of Babcock ice cream.  
Nancy Widmann Hansis ’76 

The terrace. Standing date every Friday with my buddies. Whomever arrived first grabbed the table and the first pitcher. 
Kelly Steiner ’84 

I was bartender in the Rathskeller in the early 70s. During the summer served beer from the Skiftskeller bar to patrons on the Union Terrace. 
Robert Good MA’75, PhD’78 

My son, who’s a prospective Badger, wanted to see the campus and the lake this summer. We were able to a few nice photos of the sunset over Mendota even though we couldn’t get out onto the Terrace. 😎☮🦡⛵ 
Thom Knutson ’90 

My father brought me from Beloit to the Union Terrace to hear India’s Prime Minister Nehru speak from the balcony. In 1956 my family came to the Terrace to hear me play with the UW concert band. 
Rolf Mjaanes ’61