Audience members applaud during a dance battle at the Chinese Undergraduate Student Associationís (CUSA) Show Me Your Dance event at the Wisconsin Union Theaterís Shannon Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Feb. 22, 2020. The event featured dancers from Madacom, a Madison dance community comprised of three separate UW organizations: Dancas Dance Crew, Korean & American Student Performers (KASPer), and Hypnotiq: Hip Hop Dance Crew, Project Fresh from the University of Notre Dame, and the UKAN Asian Hiphop Dance Crew from Ohio State University. (Photo by Brian Huynh / UW-Madison)

Wish You Were Here: The Show Must Go On!

U2 at Camp Randall. June’s Dairy at Memorial Union. The naked Peter Pan. Amara La Negra’s show stopping concert. Otis Redding’s last show or Carrie Coon’s first. College is a chance to expand your cultural horizons, and UW–Madison has offered loads of culture — high-brow, low-brow, and middle-brow — for decades.

Tell us about the best you saw during your days at the UW, as well as what made it so special. Send us your memory. (Include photos, please!) We’ll add it to this scrapbook.