Students at the organization fair

Wish You Were Here: Involvement and Activism

At UW–Madison, classes are only a small part of the Wisconsin Experience. You learned a lot by going out into the world and getting involved: maybe you marched and protested; maybe you volunteered; maybe you joined a student org so that you and a like-minded collection of friends could change the world for the better. (Yes, Stacy Schumann ’94, the Chess Club can so change the world, if you really believe in it. Knight to queen’s bishop four.)

The groups you joined and causes you stood for were a big part of your campus life. Did you join a band (or the Band)? Did you sit in with the Teaching Assistants’ Association? Did you rush a fraternity or sorority? Did you join a formal student org or work for the same causes with a devoted group of volunteers? We want to hear about the close circle who rounded out your campus time outside the classroom.

Send us your memory. (Include photos, please!) We’ll add it to this scrapbook.


Joe Maldonado ’05, MA’08 of Fitchburg, Wisconsin and Walter Williams ’13 shared photos of UW’s Alpha Phi Alpha, Gamma Epsilon chapter.

Stephanie Bradley Wilson ’75 shared photos of the founders of UW–Madison’s chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha (Epsilon Delta) sorority

Candace McDowell ’73 shared photos of UW–Madison’s chapters Phi Beta Sigma, Opmega Psi Phi, and Delta Sigma Theta.