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Breaking News: UW–Madison to Go Chancellor-Free

Instead of filling Rebecca Blank’s position, the UW will move to a new mode of leadership.

April 01, 2022

UW–Madison has announced the suspension of its search to replace Chancellor Rebecca Blank. In a new model for higher education, the university will dispense with the customary leadership role.

“We will now rely on our proud tradition of decision-making by committee,” explained a UW news release.

Drawing on the university’s shared-governance experience, a committee itself made the decision to run UW–Madison by committee. Last fall, the task force searching for a new chancellor convened at Bascom Hall following the news of Blank’s resignation and deliberated behind closed doors for nearly five months without pause. According to a UW spokesperson, University Housing provided mattresses and toiletries, and food-delivery robots were pressed into service to ferry in a steady stream of smelling salts.

On April 1, task-force members staggered out of the conference room with their momentous decision.

“We’re proud to have wrapped this up by Thanksgiving,” remarked jubilant co-chair Gene Poole, seeming to have lost track of time.

The next step in the process is to form a committee to set the parameters of a UW–Madison run by committee. A committee has been appointed to appoint this committee, with a deadline of 2024.

Added appointment-committee co-chair Sandy Beech, “Or 2025.”

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