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Shining a Light on Farmers: Sauk County

Thank you, Sauk County, for Culver’s, a company that every single day uses its influence to shine a light on Wisconsin’s farmers and help safeguard the future of farming in America.

August 07, 2017
Mmmmm ... Culver's

Since 2005, Culver’s has made significant gifts to the UW College of Agricultural and Life Sciences’ Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers, a program of the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems. Its support was a natural extension of what it had been doing for decades: supporting the farmers who produce the food that it serves in its restaurants and helping to ensure that those farmers have a bright future.

A fundamental understanding of the contribution of farmers is at the heart of Culver’s. The grandfather of company cofounder Craig Culver was a Wisconsin farmer, and his other grandfather was a cheese-plant inspector. And, before going into the restaurant business, his father, George, was a dairy inspector for the Wisconsin Dairies Cooperative.

Culver’s has dedicated considerable time, resources, and influence to educating its diners about the work of farmers. Few companies have done more to highlight the work of the farmers who produce raw ingredients for its food: the educational efforts of Culver’s have reached tens of millions of customers.

Few companies have done more to highlight the work of the farmers who produce raw ingredients for its food.

When the Culver’s message talks about the Wisconsin farms that produce the dairy products that go into its custard, the company is both strengthening its ties to the agricultural community and educating people who may never set foot on a farm. Culver’s current “Thank You, Farmers” cause-marketing program highlights this ongoing campaign to give credit where credit is due.

The company’s commitment to farmers doesn’t stop at educating diners. Culver’s has donated more than $1 million to organizations such as the National FFA Foundation and its local chapters to help ensure the future strength of farming in America. It has also given to the American Family Children’s Hospital, the UW’s School of Medicine and Public Health, the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, and 4-H through the UW–Extension. On top of that, individual Culver’s franchises throughout the U.S. give millions back to their communities and encourage diners to donate to organizations of their choice as well.

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