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Orange Is The New Red

In re-branding campaign, UW-Madison changes its colors.

John Allen
March 31, 2016
Bucky Badger in April fools Orange and Ebony color scheme

In an effort to modernize its image, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has dropped red and white as its school colors in favor of a new palette.

“From time to time an institution needs to change its look to remain fresh,” says Amber Piper Chapman ’94, the director of University Marketing. “Cardinal and white was fine for its generation, but today’s Badgers want a hipper, more contemporary look. That’s why we’re switching to tangerine and ebony.”

The color scheme will immediately appear on all UW-Madison logos, letterheads, and end zones. The University Book Store has remaindered all red and white merchandise and this morning will roll out new Wisconsin T-shirts in orange.

“They’re tangerine,” says Chapman, “and ebony.”

The color change is just the first in a series of moves to update the UW’s trademarked identity. In fall, the Motion W and crest W in favor of logos built around the letter O.

“Modern design has moved away from capitalizing initial letters,” says senior designer Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren ’04. “Look at iPads, iPhones, and eBay. We feel that our new identity — wiscOnsin — will really speak to today’s students.”

Orange and black motion O items should be ready in time to fill Camp Randall stadium before November’s hOmecOming game.

“They’re tangerine,” says Chapman, “and ebony.”

We hope you enjoy the rest of your April Fools Day. On, Wisconsin!

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