Badger football helmet and football.

2018 Badger Football Season in Preview

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must tell you that I am not a football prognosticator by trade. I don’t even play one on TV. But, if you allow me to toot my own horn for a moment (actually more of a kazoo), I’m pretty good at making Badger football picks. What’s my secret? I make my picks like I make my chili — with my eyes closed. Sure, the process can get messy, but you can’t argue with the results.

Wisconsin 52
Western Kentucky 14
This game has the makings of an all-time blowout, until the Badgers decide to take a knee on every offensive play of the second half.

Wisconsin 48
New Mexico 10
Another game that gives Bucky a chance to rack up a point total that rivals some of my past Donkey Kong high scores (yes, I’m that old).

Wisconsin 34
BYU 12
The first real test of the season. But the team clearly did its homework because UW seems to have all the answers.

Wisconsin 24
@ Iowa 21
Fun fact: The Red Delicious apple originated in Iowa. For Hawkeye fans, that’s going to be the only fun thing associated with the color red on this day.

Wisconsin 31
Nebraska 24
When the Cornhuskers come to town there are two things you’re bound to see: more foam cheese head and corncob hats in one place than should be legally allowed … and a Badger win.

Wisconsin 21
@ Michigan 17
It’s not that you shouldn’t take the Wolverines seriously. But their coach? C’mon!

Wisconsin 45
Illinois 21
It’s UW Homecoming — that special time of year when visiting teams enjoy the pleasure of going home with a loss.

Wisconsin 35
@ Northwestern 17
Look on the bright side, Wildcats fans, you’ve got an alum who was on the television show Friends and it’s not the guy who played Gunther.

Wisconsin 55
Rutgers 14
Not much needs to be said about a game that for all intents and purposes will be over before most of the tailgates.

Wisconsin 28
@ Penn State 26
Okay, tough call here. But the Badgers squeak out a win in a game that’s about field position, time of possession, and a number of other clichés.

Wisconsin 42
@ Purdue 24
If there’s any doubt surrounding this game whatsoever, it’s who gets to ride in the front seat with Coach Chryst on the way back to Madison.

Wisconsin 31
Minnesota 21
This one’s going to put that Minnesota-nice reputation to the test as Bucky beats the Gophers and holds on to Paul Bunyan’s axe for the 15th consecutive year — and completes Wisconsin’s undefeated season! Let’s Go, Red!