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Janet Lathrop Wins UMass Amherst Chancellor’s Citation Award

Janet (Schumacher) Lathrop, a science writer for the past 11 years in the campus's Office of News and Media Relations, was one of seven staff winners of the 2019 award for helping to bring news about research in the College of Natural Sciences and School of Public Health and Health Sciences to the public and the media's attention.

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VA Radiologist wins Service to the Citizen Award: Michelle Dorsey, MD

Michelle Dorsey, MD, Chief of Radiology at the Phoenix VA Health Care System, is currently serving as the first Department of Veterans Affairs physician in the White House Leadership Fellowship program. Dorsey was recently recognized with a Service to the Citizen Award for her work in the White House Office of Management and Budget on the federal government’s Customer Experience Cross-Agency Priority Goal Interagency Team.

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Bill (William) Rodriguez Receives North Street Book Prize

After retiring from thirty-three years of teaching English at James Madison Memorial High School, W. R. Rodriguez, MA ’75, completed The Bronx Trilogy: Three Books of Poetry about The Bronx. Recently, From the Banks of Brook Avenue, the final book of the series, was awarded first prize for poetry by the North Street Book Prize.

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