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Margaret Dohnalek PhD’88 Joins Valensa International as Chief Scientific Officer

Sep. 24, 2018
Category: Career

Margaret H. Dohnalek, Ph.D., bringing 30 years expertise leading nutritional innovations for Fortune 500 brands, has joined Valensa International as Chief Scientific Officer.

Dr. Dohnalek recently served at PepsiCo as Head, Technology Scouting and Knowledge Innovation Solutions as well as having a leading role in the corporation’s Global Nutrition Group partnerships and business development. Prior to this, she led Pfizer’s dietary supplement innovation team and the launch of benefit-specific supplements and age and gender-specific multivitamins. Dr. Dohnalek came to Pfizer after more than 18 years with Abbott Laboratories, where she was tapped as the first, and youngest, scientist tasked to deliver a major, comprehensive science and formulation upgrade for Abbott Laboratories’ flagship infant formula, Similac®. She started her career as a Senior Food Scientist at Nestlé USA. Dr. Dohnalek earned her Doctorate degree in Food Microbiology with a distributed minor in Consumer Science and Preventive Medicine; and a Master’s degree in Protein Chemistry, both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Food Science Department. Her undergraduate degree is in Food Science and Technology from Virginia Tech.

“Margaret excels at identifying ways science can support business expansion by meeting anticipated or felt consumer needs,” said Umasudhan C.P, Valensa’s CEO. “As the health industry continues to suffer from brands espousing false claims and misinformation, Margaret will support Valensa’s mission in providing science-backed nutritional solutions the industry can rely on for the genuine article.”

Dr. Dohnalek said her role at Valensa will also include Senior Vice President of Research and Innovation.

“We’re going to drive science into the business growth strategy,” said Dr. Dohnalek, who is named on six US patents, published or presented more than 10 research abstracts/posters, and co-authored 18 research papers related to nutrition. “My speciality is identifying the key research that will resonate with consumers.”

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