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The UW Now Livestream with Robert Golden and Alan Kaplan

Catch up on the UW Now Livestream event on August 11 featuring Robert Golden and Alan Kaplan.

John Allen
August 12, 2020

When it comes to COVID-19, the dean of the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, Robert Golden, says there’s one simple truth: we are all exhausted. “We are all tired of social distancing. We are all really tired of wearing masks and washing our hands very frequently.” However, Golden added, “We have to go the distance. We should not succumb to our fatigue and our frustration.”

The Future of Health Care

Golden joined Alan Kaplan, chief executive officer of UW Health, for the latest UW Now Livestream, which focused on the future of health care. With the conversation directed by Mike Knetter, president and CEO of the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association, the two spoke about what has changed in the wake of COVID-19  and took questions from Badger alumni and friends watching on YouTube.

What Have We Learned?

Kaplan believes there are several takeaways for health care providers, vital lessons learned, which they can use in the future. First, consumers are demanding greater access to doctors by phone or video conferences. “What we’re finding is that telehealth, which we thought was for the young, technically savvy individuals with minor disease, is actually readily accepted by those who are aged with chronic disease,” said Kaplan. Health care professionals have also learned the importance of screening people before having them come to clinics or emergency rooms. This technique has helped reduce community spread of COVID-19.

Golden says clear and effective messaging on COVID-19 is critical going forward. “I’m really upset by the truly bizarre conspiracy theories and myths that gain traction on the internet,” said Golden. “Those loud, extraordinary, crazy voices have to be countered with effective public health messaging.”

To hear more from Golden and Kaplan, view a recording of The UW Now. The series is offered via YouTube and will continue through the summer. The next event will be August 25.

Revolutionizing research, treatment, and care for all

A new era of medicine is on the horizon, and UW Health and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health are leading the effort to solve the world’s most critical health challenges. Discover the latest medical breakthroughs during the Wisconsin Medicine Livestream series on Tuesday, August 18. If you would like to be added to the Wisconsin Medicine email list to receive information about upcoming programming, please provide your contact information.

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