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The UW has 20 residence halls, with rooms in a wide variety of configurations meant for single, double, triple, and (in Dejope Hall) even quadruple occupancy. Built across a long span of time (from Barnard in 1913 to the new Ogg in 2013), they accommodate populations of different sizes, from tiny Davis (housing 41 souls) to giant Witte (holding 1,258). Though individual rooms vary quite a bit — especially in older buildings — the largest average room sizes are the triples in Ogg, which spread across more than 333 square feet. You could fit nearly four of the smaller doubles from Tripp (pictured above in 1976) or Adams Halls — the smallest rooms, at 87.5 square feet — into one Ogg triple. But Brendon Dybdahl ’98, MBA’04 from University Housing says this is unsporting. “Double rooms make up over 80 percent of our resident spaces,” he argues. “Singles and triples can’t fairly be included in that comparison.” Judging just doubles, Tripp and Adams still have the smallest, while the largest are in Phillips Hall, where the average double is nearly 256 square feet. Spread out, Phillipstines. There’s plenty of room.

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