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Carol Harkness ’69

Composed in 1909 by W.T. Purdy, with lyrics by Carl Beck, “On, Wisconsin!” became an instant hit on campus with students singing “Fight fellows, fight, fight, fight, we’ll win this game.” One of the most popular college marching songs in the country, the contagious tune has been adopted by thousands of high school bands as their own and has also been designated the official state song of Wisconsin.

Though the UW band has performed many musical versions of “On, Wisconsin!” over the years, the lyrics have remained nearly the same. You might find the university’s lesser-known second verse less football-centric:

On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Stand up, Badgers, sing!
“Forward” is our driving spirit,
Loyal voices ring.
On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Raise her glowing flame
Stand, Fellows, let us now
Salute her name!

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