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From ice rink to basketball court, the Kohl Center floors ‘flip’ to create home court — or rink — for both the Wisconsin men’s basketball and hockey teams. This unbelievable transformation takes about three hours with a hardy, 40-person crew … whew! The process begins with a fresh coat of slippery ice from the Zamboni and removing all the hockey hardware. Next, the polar insulation floorboards go down weighing a feather-weight 33 pounds each. Once the ice is happily enclosed, the 218 floorboards that comprise the basketball court — and weigh 123 pounds each … oofdah! — are wheeled out and lain in place. Lastly, finishing touches like the hoops (you might need those) and extra chairs are added. And, you’re done? Nope, this transition happens 43 to 50 times PER season. Still don’t believe it? Watch the magic happen.

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