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Rosalie I. Weisman '89

The UW dairy building has been making and selling ice cream for over 90 years. However, the name Babcock ice cream did not originate until after Babcock Hall, the third dairy building, was built in 1951.

Babcock Hall Dairy Store, specializing in gourmet ice cream, sells 70 different flavors of ice cream as well as frozen yogurt, sherbet, low-fat ice cream and cheese. Of all 70 flavors, butter pecan is by far the most popular.

The store has no plans for selling Babcock ice cream to grocery stores. Cones, dishes and quarts are only sold in Madison, but pints are available online. For $55.50 at the Alumni Store, six pints are delivered to your home in Styrofoam coolers and packed with dry ice to ensure a fresh flavor.

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