American Indian Alumni Council


Those who founded the American Indian Advisory Council at UW-Madison in 1994 desire the council to grow and thrive upon the spiritual strengths and ideals of all American Indian peoples. We encourage all tribes throughout the region to share their bounty of values, skills, financial resources, and students in following those first few alumni who so softly bent the grass before us. for our next seven generations yet to come.

The AIAC meets quarterly to carry out our work. We promote American Indian education by providing financial assistance to AmericanIndian students with unmet or emergency needs at UW-Madison, and we advocate American Indian students’ participation in university affairs, as well as their access to, and utilization of, the UW System’s resources.

Join Us in Our Vision

Since 1861, WAA has provided a lifelong link between alumni and the university. Now WAA and the AIAC are actively seeking to represent the full spectrum of UW-Madison’s global community.

The AIAC challenges itself to use creative, innovative, and community-inspired programs to assist American Indian students in preserving their diverse cultural values while successfully initiating and obtaining their individual educational goals.

Your voice, thoughts, and energy inspire the vision of WAA, and each individual’s input is vital to the success of the university’s multicultural initiatives. Most importantly, your participation can become an inspiration to those as yet unknown, who aspire to follow in your footsteps.


American Indian Alumni recognize the uniqueness of the responsibilities of American Indian students and their financial needs. A group of community-minded American Indian alumni created the AIAC’s permanent American Indian Alumni Scholarship Fund in 1994 to assist American Indian students who have unmet financial need.

The fund is governed and administered by the Scholarship Advisory Council, which is made up of at-large representatives from both reservation and urban Indian communities, American Indian governments, and Urban Indian Centers that are currently sending students to the university on a voluntary basis. These advisory council members are elected by AIAC members, serve on a two-year basis, and review their commitment annually.

Fundraising events are held by the AIAC to establish a permanent endowment fund capable of making annual awards. The scholarships, awarded at a maximum of $500 each semester, are available to those undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who best demonstrate unmet financial need; intention or evidence of enrollment; and evidence of membership in, or descendence of, any U.S., state, or federally recognized American Indian community.

The AIAC currently awards up to twenty undergraduate scholarships, as well up to ten graduate or professional scholarships.

In order to be eligible for the American Indian Alumni Council scholarship, you must fill out the Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA), which can be obtained online. After submitting your FAFSA form, please contact the UW Financial Aid office at 608.262.3060 to see if the American Indian Alumni Council scholarship is still available for that academic year.

Donate to the Matching Dollar scholarship fund.


American Indian Student Academic Services (AISAS)
Phone: (608) 265-3420