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New Degree & Travel, Diana Elena Moran Thundercloud

Sep. 24, 2019
Category: Education

Diana Elena Moran Thundercloud, Master of Servant Leadership (Focus: Environmental Stewardship & Ethics), Summer 2019. Superintendent License (Educational Administration), Viterbo 2016.

Diana graduated with her “Yahara Watershed Leadership Academy Certificate”, June 2019. (Edgewood College & UW-Madison Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies).

Diana is currently a doctoral student in the “Educational Leadership” program at Edgewood College (Madison, Wisconsin). Focus: Native Leadership & Community-Based Programs

Diana Moran Thundercloud was selected as the “Community Fellow” (2019-2020) for the “Graduate Social Innovation & Sustainability Leadership Program”at Edgewood College (Madison, Wisconsin). Additionally, Diana was invited to consult as a graduate student in collaboration with faculty/staff to work on Native Indigenous curriculum and pedagogy for their Master’s Level program in “Social Innovation and Sustainability Leadership”.

International Travel—Teaching & Community-Based Leadership: Diana was in the rural Andean region of Vischongo (Ayachuco), Peru this past June as an invited community-based teacher /high school teacher. Diana was able to co-teach/co-facilitate with local high school students learning about “Water” and Native Indigenous issues in “Las Americas”. High school students were interested in learning about the “Standing Rock” movement/ “post-Standing Rock” issues and the importance of Water. (Diana is a Water Protector. Standing Rock inspired her for her time there.) Both Diana and her Relative Andrew Thundercloud (Ho-Chunk Elder, Thunder Clan) were also invited to do a community-based radio-interview in Vischongo, Peru on the issues of the water, indigenous rights, and “post-Standing Rock” movement within “Las Americas”/Indian Country. That radio interview went out to the larger INKA indigenous geographic region in the Andes. Diana was invited back to Peru over winter-break to continue some of her work and to visit.

Diana was also invited to Concepcion, Chile to do some research/interviews on Native Indigenous Rights and migration issues (August 2019). Mass exodus from Venezuela! Her travels allowed her to learn/ study more on human rights, Native history of Mapuche in Chile, and the journey/narratives of Venezuelan migration to various places that include Peru/Chile. Diana will continue her research on the Indigenous communities including the “Amazonia” & “Andean” regions. Native Indigenous communities of Mexico/Peru/Venezuela, and the mass exodus/migration in the “Las Americas”— and its impact of loss/adaptation of traditional knowledge within communities and Elder Knowledge.

Diana has been active regarding various invited lecturers on: the US/Mexican Border, Sexual Violence within Native & Immigrant Communities, Immigration, Undocumented children/families, and Migration Issues in “Las Americas” at various places. She has also lectured on the importance of Native Indigenous Rights in “LAS AMERICAS” and our natural world. Environmental Justice & Racism. Also–The growing issues of HATE, Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric, White Supremacy, and Racism at this time in the United States (Western Wisconsin). Native Leadership in “Las Americas” & Education. Diana’s lives in Merrillan, Wisconsin (rural Jackson County). Here other hometown/birthplace is El Paso, Tejas, Segundo Barrio! First generation to go to college. Proud Badger!

Ms. Moran Thundercloud was invited to teach a course on “Native Americans and the Environment” at UW-LaCrosse through the “Department of Ethnic & Racial Studies & Sociology” as a Lecturer at UW-LaCrosse. She is also the Latino/a Student Organization Advisor on campus.

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