Kids with teacher at School of Education.

Photo courtesy of UW Archives

Thank You, Professor: School of Education

By Badger Insider Readers

Thank you Professor Rothney, the best prof I had at the UW, for encouraging me to become a guidance counselor, in which I served for 29 years.
Victor Carman MS’54
Mason, Ohio

Dr. Richard Smith in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction was my favorite professor at the UW; he was instrumental in teaching me the fine art of editing. I was a master’s degree student with a rather average ability in writing. He patiently worked with me in person on my master’s thesis and other writings. As a result, I not only learned the fine art of editing, I learned the process of how to help others improve writing skills. I went on to instruct high school students in the same way I was instructed, with a very personal interaction. Thank you, Dr. Smith!!!
Susan Lehman MS’74
Middleton, Wisconsin

I graduated in 1994 and have never felt the urge to write in as strongly as I did for this issue. I have been wanting for years and years to thank Professor [Emeritus] Thomas Broman. I was a kinesiology major and had originally planned to go into athletic training or possibly physical therapy. I ultimately went to medical school. I’ve had so many incredible teachers and professors in my 23-plus years of taking classes. But there is one who stands out head and shoulders above the rest. That is Professor Broman. I took his Physician in History class as an undergrad, and I can honestly say I have never had a professor quite like him. He came to every class ready to tell us an amazing story and that’s exactly what he did. I never felt like I was being lectured at. It was like Professor Broman had prepared one long fabulous speech. His passion and excitement were infectious. I hung on his every word and barely took notes yet when exam time came around, I could recapitulate every detail — and, in fact, I got an A on every exam. We learned about Shamen, Galen, Hippocrates, and so many more. And now that I’m a physician, I actually have a historical understanding I think few of my colleagues share. Professor Broman, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart — I will never forget you or the incredible stories that you shared.
Deborah Nucatola ’94
Sherman Oaks, California