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“Touchdown … Wisconsin!” There are no sweeter words to Badger football fans. If heard enough times in a game, the team chalks up another well-earned victory — something to which everyone in Badger Nation has grown quite accustomed. During the past 10 seasons, Wisconsin has racked up 109 wins to just 38 losses, and it’s on a roll with 15 consecutive bowl games. But don’t jump around too much. In the grand scheme of things — time being relative and all — we’re not that far removed from the time when the football team slogged through a 23-game winless streak. In fact, we’re coming up on the 50th anniversary of that infamous stretch of ineptitude. Beginning with the 1967 season, the Badgers couldn’t muster a W until the fourth game of the 1969 season! That’s nearly two and a half seasons with nary a reason to U-Rah-Rah.

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