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UW BAND Rocks Sleepy Wisconsin Village: Bob & Ellie Hudovernik

Aug. 03, 2016
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The Holland Festival Park Bandstand in Cedar Grove, WI is a long way from Camp Randall Stadium. But on Saturday, July 30, 2016, the two cultures merged resulting in UW Badger madness and small town happiness. Bucky Badger red was everywhere as a small group of UW Band members danced and frolicked amongst the crowd while playing and singing UW fight song favorites. Hundreds of locals showed their appreciation by rocking their babies in tune with the music, singing & swaying on benches replicating traditional Camp Randall fervor. It was a fun time for all.

As I photographed the UW Band performing, I couldn’t help but think, how all positive forms of art – music, singing, dancing, theatre, painting are contagious and healing. I could see it on the faces of the crowd as the whole audience was literally transformed into a sea of smiling bobbing head dolls. The youthful, contagious energy and expression of joy by the UW Band members infused everyone present with positive emotions. Their performance was fantastic, and truly inspiring to witness. The audience in return offered the UW Band members a bouquet of praise.

So my wife Ellie and I submit this photo of some of these future alumni as a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the UW Band members who performed in Cedar Grove on Saturday! You guys were Great! The University of Wisconsin is lucky to have such a talented group of UW students as you, who are enjoying having fun while sharing your unique individual talents with others. And to our fellow UW alumni..What better ambassadors for the University of Wisconsin than these itinerant young Musicians of Bremen?

Bob Hudovernik, ’80
Art Department, MFA Drawing
Ellie Hudovernik ’76
Art Department, BS, Fine Arts

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