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There are several water features incorporated into the landscape and gardens on UW property, like the mini waterfalls outside of Union South and in the Allen Centennial Garden. But the three big time fountains on campus are the Hagenah Fountain on Library Mall, the Máquina Fountain, and our favorite, the Welcome Plaza fountain at Alumni Park. Hagenah Fountain has perhaps been in the news the most, given its prominent location and intermittent use. The Máquina Fountain has the coolest name and aliases, including the Descendant’s Fountain. It’s aptly named, since the fountain serves as an icon for the Engineering School and translates to machine in English. The Máquina doesn’t operate today in order to conserve the 40,000 gallons of water it’s designed to spout, but here’s what it looked like in its full glory. The fountain at Alumni Park was carved out of a single granite rock weighing 30,000 pounds. It serves as a welcoming site to visitors, as well as symbolizes the big splashes made by UW alumni all over the world.

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