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Badger Family: Fly Ball

Keith Voekler '61, MS'64, PhD'69
November 03, 2015
Dee Strattan Voelker Lee Hahn Badger Family Hero Image

It began in the late 1920s when Verna Lee ’31, a student in the UW School of Nursing, retrieved a tennis ball for a young civil-engineering student, Harold Hahn ’29, on the street where they both lived in Madison. This is how they met, and they eventually married in 1932. Thus began a long line of Badgers.

Harold and Verna Lee Hahn had three children who all went to UW-Madison: Harold ’64, Richard ’60, and Barbara ’63. Harold and Richard both graduated in mechanical engineering, and Barbara got her degree in physical therapy. Richard Hahn had two children; his son David graduated from the UW in 1991. David married his high school sweetheart, Ann Marie Boehme ’92. Barbara met her future husband, Keith Voelker ’61, MS’64, PhD’69, in high school.

Keith and Barbara have two daughters, Judith ’92 and Sharon. Sharon married Kevin Strattan — they had both taken courses at the UW. While at the university, Judith met Thomas Dee ’89, JD’92 and soon married.

All live in Wisconsin, except for Harold Hahn ’64, who resides in California. Thus, the Hahn connection now boasts 12 members and 13 with degrees, going back to 1929 and an errant tennis ball. Another generation is coming along, and at least one is hoping to attend the UW in September 2017. He would begin the fourth generation of Hahn Badgers. On, Wisconsin!

First row: Ann Marie Boehme Hahn ’92; Keith Voelker ’61, MS’64, PhD’69; Barbara Hahn Voelker ’63, holding a portrait of Verna Lee ’31 and Harold Hahn ’29; Richard Hahn ’60, holding a portrait of Harold Hahn ’64; Judith Voelker Dee ’92.

Second row: David Hahn ’91; Sharon Voelker Strattan and Kevin Strattan; Thomas Dee ’89, JD’92.

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