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Email Request Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some common questions about the email and event request form. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

How quickly can you send my chapter’s email?

Because of the volume of emails that we work on, we do ask for a 3-5 business day turnaround on emails. As always, it’s best to plan ahead! If something is urgent though, please contact your chapter representative when you submit your request and we’ll do our best to get it out as quick as possible.

I have more files to include, where should I put those?

We designed this form to be as streamlined as possible and to handle most types of requests, but there are always exceptions. If you have additional files that you want included in your request, don’t hesitate to contact your chapter representative.

How do you know what email address to send my chapter email from?

Our standard process is to send chapter emails from your respective chapter’s email account (, for example). This keeps things consistent for email recipients and adds some official weight to the email.

If you would like a particular email to come from a different email address, please mention it in the Additional Notes section and we can discuss if it makes sense for that email. Note, any email we send does have to come from an email address.

I want to send my email to a specific group of people, not just my chapter region. How do I do that?

Targeting emails are great! If you have a particular group in mind for your email, please let us know in the Additional Notes section and we’ll be happy to work with you to target that audience. A common example of this is current or incoming students from your area for student send-offs, or young alumni events.

Note: in some cases, a targeted message will require a longer turnaround time (sometimes up to 3-4 weeks) in order to build the list.

How come you didn’t use the photo I asked for last time?

We aim to format each email in the best way to fit the content of the email. Sometimes we have images that we think might be more appropriate or an email structure that is more user-friendly. When you get a preview and you aren’t satisfied with how it looks, do let us know and we can make adjustments.

What’s the “project name” for?

We get a lot of event and email requests, sometimes multiple requests from the same chapter at the same time, and giving each request a project name helps us keep things organized. No need to overthink it because it’s for internal purposes only, simply put something in that is descriptive and easy to identify.

How do we know if our event qualifies for registration support?

If we receive your completed event request at least 3-5 business days before you wish to promote the event, the primary audience is UW-Madison alumni, you anticipate at least 15 alumni in attendance, and are not using any other registration system; your event will likely qualify for registration support. That said, we do not offer this support for weekly game watches, recreational sport leagues, peer-to-peer fundraising events, community service events, and events with early bird pricing. All services are dependent on whether WFAA tools and software capabilities are sufficient. If you have any additional questions about your event qualifying, contact your chapter representative to discuss.

When will my registration site be ready?

We ask for 3-5 business days to build your registration site. If you have also requested an email, both will be completed at the same time. It is best practice to have your registration site open for 5-6 weeks to achieve successful attendance numbers, planning ahead is always best.

How can I see how many/who is registered for my event?

Shortly after your registration site is live, the event contact will receive a link with log-in information from your chapter representative, if they have a signed volunteer confidentiality agreement on file for the year. That link will open a report showing how many/who has registered for your event.

When/how will we receive registration proceeds?

Post-event reconciliation will occur two weeks after event is closed, if all payments have been received and the chapter has provided a list of walk-ins and attendees to their chapter representative. If your chapter is enrolled in direct deposit, proceeds will be deposited in your account, if not, we will send a check to your chapter treasurer.

When will my registration site open? When will it close?

Your registration site will open once final approval is received from the chapter leader and a WFAA registration team member has let you know it is live. It will remain open until the day of your event unless otherwise noted on your event request. Change request will only be considered during WFAA business hours by contacting your chapter representative.