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Jan. 11, 2021
Category: Family

Sarah Dicker and Mark Golob first met over pie at a social event at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Hillel in May 2013, when they were both engineering students. Their relationship quickly became serious, with Sarah playing on Mark’s Ultimate Frisbee team and both studying together in their biomedical engineering courses. They managed a long distance relationship while finishing their degrees and reunited in mid-2018, when they moved in together in Minneapolis while working in the medical device industry.

Mark proposed on April 6, 2019 in a surprise event in Minneapolis which included the secret participation of their families (the Dickers from Maryland and Golobs from Minnesota) and two of Sarah’s childhood friends.. Working with REM5, a Minneapolis-based virtual reality event space, Mark teamed with a local artist to create a 3D virtual reality environment for Sarah to experience. On the day of the proposal, Mark took Sarah to REM5, where she put on her VR headset thinking she was just out on another fun date. As she explored the 3D art, pictures highlighting their relationship and snapshots of friends began to spell out the message “Sarah, Now He Has A Question For You!” When Sarah took off her headset, Mark was on one knee, with ring in hand, and tears of happiness followed. The surprise and excitement of the moment were magnified by the presence of their loving families and friends. Since then, they had been planning for a November 2020 wedding in Washington, D.C. With most of the specific details in place, the pandemic hit.

The venue and party for family and friends has been deferred. However, the wedding ceremony, complete with social distancing and masking will take place in a small ceremony, live-streamed virtually to their friends and family. The actual party is still on hold and will just have to wait!

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