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Bear Brooch appears on MSNBC: Robert F. Schroeder

Feb. 05, 2020
Category: Recognition

I created a brooch with the subject of the Bear for MSNBC commentator Jill Wine-Banks. She always wears a pin that reflects the topics she discusses. The image of the Bear seemed appropriate for her tenacity and powerful approach to topics of political injustice. The back of the brooch is inlaid with a silver reel-to-reel tape recorder and marks “-18 min” representing the gap that she proved was not accidentally erased during the Watergate tapes.

The pin appearing on the AM Joy program on MSNBC during the November 17, 2019 broadcast was a thrill for me to see. I feel that having one of my art works as a part of Jill Wine-Banks pin collection is a great honor!

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