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VA Radiologist wins Service to the Citizen Award: Michelle Dorsey, MD

Jun. 18, 2019
Category: Recognition

Michelle Dorsey, MD, Chief of Radiology at the Phoenix VA Health Care System, is currently serving as the first Department of Veterans Affairs physician in the White House Leadership Fellowship program. Dorsey was recently recognized with a Service to the Citizen Award for her work in the White House Office of Management and Budget on the federal government’s Customer Experience Cross-Agency Priority Goal Interagency Team. The goal of the Service to the Citizen: Champions of Change Program is to recognize those public servants who demonstrate excellence in their delivery of services that impact the public’s lives. Dorsey noted, “I am very fortunate to contribute as a member of this amazing team as we strive to improve customer experience across the federal government.” Customer service improvements made during the pursuit of this objective have the potential to impact millions of Americans in such areas as Medicare and Veterans Health Care as well as airport security screening, emergency and disaster relief, federal student aid, national parks, and passport services.

The White House Leadership Development Program, sponsored by Executive Office of the President and supported by the President’s Management Council and the Performance Improvement Council, harnesses the top talent from across government to support implementation of key priorities and address mission critical challenges, such as the Cross-Agency Priority Goals in the President’s Management Agenda.

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