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Jemmy Chayadi ’00 works to revive one of the biggest WAA chapters in the world

Dec. 05, 2017
Category: Leadership

Since returning to Indonesia, Jemmy Chayadi has made it a tradition for him and a close friend of his to have breakfast together and catch up on the various aspects of their lives. One morning two years ago during breakfast, Chayadi expressed his concerns about the lack of community for Indonesian UW alumni. He wanted to know what they were up to and what they had achieved and he wanted a space where Indonesian Badgers could come together over their love for UW culture. He reminisced about his time at UW when over 400 Indonesian students built a community that had since dissolved. He then decided that he wanted to revive a Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) chapter in Indonesia.

Chayadi was able to successfully launch the WAA Indonesia chapter with the support of the people at the WAA and through a multigenerational desire to reconnect with fellow UW peers. In December of 2016, after months of planning, the WAA Indonesia Chapter held its Kickoff Meeting in Jakarta. Over 200 Indonesian Badgers from various cities in Indonesia attended the historical event.

As the anniversary of the Indonesia Chapter’s kickoff approaches, Chayadi fondly remembers the last 12 months as a “year of many firsts;” the group has held many events ranging from game watching parties to student send-offs and has every intention of continuing their momentum.

Moving forward, Chayadi wants to continue to learn and be able to grow the Indonesia chapter with the help of the WAA and their annual Badger Leader Conferences (where this year he was able to present the story and successes of his chapter), and through a shared passion and vision that everyone on his team has for the Indonesian Badger community.

The importance of the Indonesian Badger community to Chayadi can be attributed to his genuine love for the University of Wisconsin. Each time he has the opportunity to return to Madison, he takes in the culture and cherishes the people with whom he can participate in his favorite UW tradition: watching football games at Camp Randall Stadium – a feeling which he defines as a “small taste of heaven on earth”. On further developing the WAA Indonesia chapter, Chayadi will continue to exhibit exceptional leadership and determination as he paves his way toward living the Wisconsin Idea.

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