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In Memoriam: Gerald O. Barney

Apr. 05, 2022
Category: Obituary

Gerald Orville (“Jerry”) Barney MS’63, PhD’67, 1937-2020, beloved husband and father, passed away on September 9, 2020. Born on a small farm in Oregon, his love of the natural world led him to earn a PhD in physics from UW–Madison in 1967, become a system dynamics modeler and social entrepreneur, and support collaborative, integrated national planning with more than 40 counties. Directing the Global 2000 Report for President Carter was a watershed moment that influenced the remainder of his career. He founded the Millennium Institute, and led it for over twenty years, helping leaders and policy makers from all over the world to use system dynamics modeling to analyze data and develop sustainable and equitable national plans. Later he founded Our Task, to help young people study and advocate for a sustainable and equitable future. Jerry is remembered for being a good father, husband, friend, listener, scientist, mentor, and advocate for a balanced relationship between humankind and the Earth.

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