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David S. Wilkinson, MD, PhD to receive APC Distinguished Service Award

Feb. 23, 2017
Category: Recognition

I have been selected by Association of Pathology Chairs Council and the entire APC membership to receive the 2017 Distinguished Service Award from the Association of Pathology Chairs. I received my PhD in Experimental Oncology and Pathology from UW in 1971.

As noted in the notification letter:

The Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor bestowed by the APC and, as noted in the APC Bylaws, ” … recognizes lifetime achievement in the field of academic pathology, representing the full spectrum of contributions at the local and national levels in undergraduate and graduate medical education, research, and clinical service.” The sum total of your many accomplishments as an academic pathologist and leader in the academic and greater pathology communities clearly merits this high honor. Your work as a medical educator, author, and editor has helped prepare at least two generations of pathology practitioners for their own productive careers and empowered all clinical laboratorians with the modern tools of laboratory administration and quality management. More than just a teacher, you have been an inspiration and great mentor to many who have themselves achieved at the highest levels in the pathology community. I’m very proud to be one of many who have benefited from your mentorship and your example as a practitioner and leader. Your efforts, on behalf of all pathologists, in the critical areas of billing and coding
have had an amazingly positive impact on how pathologists are fairly compensated for the vitally important work we do. For these and innumerable other contributions to our discipline and our careers, the APC is recognizing you with its highest honor. The award will be presented at the 2017 Association of Pathology Chairs Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, during the awards luncheon on Wednesday, July 26. I sincerely hope you will attend and receive the award in person. My congratulations to you for this great honor! I look forward to seeing you at the meeting this summer.
Best regards,
Donald Karcher, MD
Immediate Past President, APC
Chair, APC Nominating Committee

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