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Badger of the Year Awards

Meet your Badger of the Year Award recipients. Around the world, these alumni are making a difference in their local communities, and Badger spirit shines in their service.

"Badgers are living the Wisconsin Idea everyday."
Sarah Schutt

Badger of the Year honorees are selected based on leadership in their professions, service in their communities, and/or contributions to volunteer organizations. In short, they bring the Wisconsin Idea to life. Since 2004, WAA chapters have proudly celebrated hundreds of alumni who make positive impacts in their roles as leaders, volunteers, educators, and advocates.

Sarah Schutt, chief alumni officer and WAA executive director, says, “In communities around the world, Badgers are making a difference. Research, public service, philanthropy, medicine, entrepreneurship — in nearly every discipline, you will find a UW–Madison graduate who is leading the way.”

Badger of the Year Awards are presented during local celebrations of Founders' Day, which commemorates the first classes held at the University of Wisconsin on February 5, 1849, and UW–Madison's subsequent legacy of academic excellence. The current year’s winners will be posted on this page at the end of Founders’ Day season in May.

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