The Red Shirt™

The Red Shirt™

The Tenth Edition is available in:

  • Adult unisex
  • Youth
  • Women’s: softer and true to size
  • Tri-blend: super soft, heather red
  • Alta Gracia: living-wage tee*

*This product is made in fair and safe working conditions in which workers receive a living wage, enabling them to provide for their families.

The Tenth Edition is on sale NOW!

Get The Red Shirt™, Tenth Edition today! Put one on, and you’ll start radiating Badger spirit. Plus, every shirt you purchase supports the UW’s need-based Great People Scholarship. It’s a fun shirt with a serious mission — and a must-have for every Badger.

Live Red. Give Back. Buy The Red Shirt™, Tenth Edition!


Available online or at University Book Store locations.

Questions about your online order? Please call the University Book Store at 800-993-2665.

Voting for the 11th Edition of The Red Shirt has closed. Click here to learn about the new design and save the date for August 1 when it goes on sale!




The Red Shirt™ gives alumni, students, and friends the chance to make a difference today for the Badgers of tomorrow. This unique collectible provides a spirited way to give back because proceeds go to the Great People Scholarship.

Impact to Date

  • Total Shirts Sold: 51,636
  • Dollars Raised: $280,000
  • Scholarships Awarded: 159

Impact in Action

Proud Great People Scholarship recipient Brian “Kai” Brito ’17 reflects on the positive effect the scholarship has had on his UW student experience.

Need for The Red Shirt™

With costs rising at institutions such as UW–Madison, many students can no longer afford tuition. In fact, more than 61 percent of students receive financial aid. The gap between available funds and need is estimated to be $15 million. To help ease that burden, WAA contributes 50 percent of its proceeds from sales of The Red Shirt™ to the Office of Student Financial Aid and the Great People Scholarship. The average award is $4,459.68.

Great People Scholarship Recipients

“The proceeds from The Red Shirt help to make a college education possible for some of the UW’s most deserving students. I am grateful for your support and hope that you know how much I — and hundreds of other scholarship students — appreciate your generosity.” — Denisse Ugalde ’16
“My scholarship has helped me to do more than attend UW–Madison. It enabled me to learn and grow more than I would have been able to do otherwise.” — Jessalyn Barker ’15
“UW–Madison offers a truly unique experience for all of its students … Without the Great People Scholarship, I would not be able to take full advantage of all the opportunities offered.” — Brian “Kai” Brito ’17
“While at UW–Madison, I’ve been able to connect with many people and ideas, pushing me to be the best Badger I can be. This would not have been possible without your support. Thank you!” — Breana Nehls ’16
“As a first-generation college student, it is with much gratitude that I thank alumni and friends such as you. Thank you for welcoming me into the Badger family.” — Danielle Vargas ’14
“I come from a working-class family, and I’m the first to go to college straight out of high school. Because of the Great People Scholarship and the university, I’ll be able to graduate without too much debt. That’s something I’m very grateful for!” — Robert Walter ’15




The Red Shirt™ — also the official shirt of UW Homecoming — is no ordinary shirt. It’s the only one of its kind designed to unite Badgers and give back to the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Proceeds from sales go to the Great People Scholarship, giving deserving students the chance to earn their UW degrees.

Every Shirt Sold Makes a Difference

The Red Shirt™ is changing the lives of future Badgers. Learn more.

Retired Editions and History

The year was 2008. The idea was simple: give Badgers a spirited way to give back. The tradition of The Red Shirt™ was born — because after the first edition was unveiled in ’08, a new, collectible design has been introduced every year. In 2015, we released the The Red Shirt™, Limited Edition by Virgil Abloh, a cutting-edge designer who applied his unique brand of elevated street style to the classic University of Wisconsin T-shirt to create three new designs. With each new edition of The Red Shirt™, the previous one is retired … never to be sold again. But because every edition of The Red Shirt™ unites Badgers and gives students the chance to earn a UW degree, they’ll never be forgotten.

Ninth Edition | 2016

Limited Edition by Virgil Abloh | 2015

Eighth Edition | 2015

Seventh Edition | 2014


Sixth Edition | 2013


Fifth Edition | 2012

Fourth Edition | 2011

Fourth Edition | 2011

Third Edition | 2010

Third Edition | 2010


Second Edition | 2009


First Edition | 2008