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Getting Started on Badger Bridge

Joining the Community

Whether you are fresh off Bascom Hill, a seasoned professional, or still a student, Badger Bridge is for you! Consider this your go-to resource for:

  • Seeking alumni connections for professional advice
  • Making a career change
  • Connecting with alumni in your city or cities across the globe
  • Considering relocating

Set Up Your Profile

Fill out the profile page as completely as possible by including job experience, a summary, and even a short video to take full advantage of what Badger Bridge offers. Or, if you are on LinkedIn, simply import that profile.

Alumni Directory

Search for alumni with the professional and/or geographic background you seek.

Online Mentor/Mentee Opportunities

Offer — or ask for — career advice and expertise from the comforts of your computer. Mentorship on Badger Bridge can be what you make of it: one-time, in-depth, or anything in between. Learn what it takes to be a good mentor/mentee.

While Badger Bridge offers an opportunity to receive “real time” advice, you’ll find that long-lasting professional relationships and mentorships will soon develop, resulting in expanded networks and new careers.

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