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Diane Stadelmann Hassett ’63

Well Diane, the reason you might not recall the exact date of your graduation in January of 1963 may be due to the lack of any pomp and circumstance surrounding it.

Class of 1963 Yearbook Cover According to Joe Farrenkopf, from the Secretary of the Faculty Office at UW-Madison, the first mid-year commencement ceremony didn’t take place on campus until January 23, 1965. And nowadays commencement ceremonies occur in May and December of each year.

But never fear, Diane. Abe was still able to uncover your answer when Farrenkopf went on to say, “The last day of exams in January 1963 was January 26, so that was probably the date of the diploma for students who completed their degrees mid-year.”

And now you — and the rest of your ’63 classmates — have another date to remember.

Thanks to Glen Volkman '64, who wrote to share his story too:

"This brings back fond memories for me, as I was a mid-year grad in January 1964. Alas, no ceremony, no recognition, no cap and gown. All I received was my printed graduation diploma in the mail (several weeks later) that indicated I graduated on January 25, 1964.

"What a let down after 4-plus years of attending classes, blue books, many, many final exams and no official class reunion. Then, what a surprise to read that official mid-year graduation ceremonies were started on January 23, 1965. I guess I was the victim of bad "graduation day" timing in January, 1964."

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