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UW Week in Review: November 16–20

The UW Week in Review recaps some of UW–Madison’s top news from the week.

November 20, 2020
UW Week in Review

Welcome to the UW Week in Review, which recaps some of UW–Madison’s top news from the week. We know you have a lot going on, so we’ve consolidated stories you won’t want to miss into one convenient place. Click on the links below to read this week's follow the Wisconsin Alumni Association® (WAA) on Instagram so you don’t miss our weekly posts!

Don’t Be a Turkey!

Thanksgiving is coming, and while you want to see your family, you also want to keep an appropriate distance to avoid spreading COVID-19. UW Health’s Shanda Wells offers tips on how to socially distance those you love, without hurting feelings. Be kind >>

The Never-Ending Election

Voting ended more than two weeks ago, but the 2020 elections just won’t leave the front pages. Three UW political scientists break down what happened on November 3 — and after — and share their thoughts on what happens next on The UW Now Livestream. Read more >>

Question Queen

When COVID-19 arrived, life changed for UW epidemiologist Malia Jones. It’s not just the pandemic restrictions — she soon found that her expertise and advice were in high demand. Meet the voice behind the Dear Pandemic project. Get the answers! >>

Transplant Heroes

COVID-19 hits some patients much harder than others, but the team at UW Health never gives up. When the virus caused one patient’s lungs to fail, the UW managed a double lung transplant. Read more >>

The Cradle of Cradling

The first sport played at Camp Randall wasn’t football — it was lacrosse. (Which you’d think would’ve been played in La Crosse, but whatever.) In 1885, the field there was the site of an exhibition match of this Native American sport. Celebrate Native November and remember this early match. (Cradling, by the way, is when a lacrosse player carries the ball in that little net at the end of the stick.) Play on! >>

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