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In 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright achieved flight … Nope, not that first soar. SOAR is the Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration program that helps get our newest Badgers ready to soar more figuratively. SOAR is coordinated by the Center for the First-Year Experience and aims to make the transition to college easier for new students. This program includes a warm welcome from UW leaders, an introduction to the Badger community, academic advising, and fall course enrollment. While all UW students since 1848 have gone through some type of orientation, the modern form of SOAR only goes back to the 1970s. As some of you experienced firsthand, SOAR participants were able to register by touchtone telephone starting in 1989. Fast-forward 30 years, and the whole program has gone entirely virtual due to COVID-19. The delivery of SOAR will continue to change and adapt to our circumstances, but the message will always be the same: Welcome to the Badger community!

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