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Badger men’s and Badger women’s hockey, right? But wait, there’s more! While the men’s and women’s varsity hockey teams certainly get the most ice time in the spotlight, UW–Madison has a total of seven ice sports — when including sport clubs and intramural sports — which only makes sense, considering the state is frozen for what feels like 50 percent of the year. UW Recreation & Wellbeing offers numerous sport clubs for students. For the men’s club hockey team, the 2019–20 season was one for the books. The team finished with 23 regular-season wins, earned a spot at regionals for the first time, and nabbed an American Collegiate Hockey Association postseason win. The women’s club team also had something to cheer about: they closed last season with a 14–8 record, the club’s best in a decade. In addition to hockey, there is also a figure skating club. Since its establishment in 1999, its teams have earned sectional medals and competed on the national stage. For students looking for a more recreational approach to sports, there are two intramural ice sports: hockey and broomball.

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