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Patricia H. ’77

When a mid-study snack attack strikes, hungry Badgers can count on the many cafes and markets across campus to satisfy their cravings. For students seeking a protein boost without the sugar of a shake, these markets offer hard-boiled eggs. The eggs are purchased precooked from a vendor in order to avoid cross-contamination, and they are sold in packs of two. Last academic year, Badger Markets and campus cafés sold a whopping 6,870 packs, or 13,740 eggs total. Combined with the 355 packs, or 710 eggs, sold at Memorial Union’s Carte restaurant, the grand total of hard-boiled eggs sold on campus last school year boils down (ha) to 14,450. That’s just over 1,204 cartons — and one shell of an omelet’s worth! The numbers aren’t in yet on competitors in the egg-distribution industry, but as far as we know, we’re second only to the Easter Bunny … for now.

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