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Since 2015, the UW’s student newspapers have published primarily online, so you can forgive modern Badgers for not knowing that the university once had two thriving daily papers that were printed on paper. The Daily Cardinal and Badger Herald provided a vital service: they gave students a crossword to do during American history lectures and coupons from Pizza Pit. The elder publication, the Daily Cardinal, was the nation’s sixth-oldest student newspaper — its first issue appeared on April 4, 1892. Founding editor William Wesley Young 1892 gave the Cardinal its name before graduating and moving to New York, where he did not win a Pulitzer but did work for Pulitzer (at the New York World). He was also recruited as an intelligence asset for the British empire, and later became editor of Golf magazine. That first issue’s page-one story was headlined “The Oratorical Contest” and covered the victory of James Pyre 1892, PhD1897 over James Turner 1892, LLB1894 in a thrilling forensics competition. Few copies of this issue remain, which is understandable: Pizza Pit didn’t exist until 1969, so there was no coupon to save.

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