Petition: Support UW–Madison in the 2019–21 Budget

Dear Members of the Joint Finance Committee,

UW–Madison changes lives across Wisconsin. This is done by providing an affordable and world-class education, through life-changing research, service and outreach to Wisconsin citizens, and innovation and economic development that has impacts in communities across the state. Demand for UW–Madison is at an all-time high and the campus needs additional state investment in both the operating and capital budgets to continue to support students, faculty, and staff.

As a Wisconsin citizen and a supporter of UW–Madison, I am urging you to support important investments in the UW as you continue to develop the 2019–21 state budget.

  • Increased Capacity: Please support funds for capacity-building initiatives on the UW–Madison campus to reduce bottlenecks in high demand fields such as nursing, engineering, computer science, and business.
  • Accessibility: Please support increases to the Higher Educational Aids Board to provide need-based grants to resident undergraduate students, helping more students gain access to a degree.
  • Pay Plan: Please support increases to faculty and staff pay, so UW–Madison can remain a competitive employer for top faculty and staff who educate our students, attract research dollars to Wisconsin, and provide essential services on our campus.

In the Capital Budget request, there are critical maintenance and renovation projects to provide much-needed repairs and upgrades to existing UW–Madison buildings:

  • School of Veterinary Medicine: The school is currently serving three times as many clients as it was designed to accommodate. Renovation and expansion will help the school serve more Wisconsin farmers and pet owners.
  • Natatorium: This project is being funded by students, who voted overwhelmingly to support the project and the much-needed upgrades to failing mechanical systems, and by donors who have pledged significant funds to provide improved facilities critical to health and well-being of our students.
  • Sellery Hall: This aging dorm requires renovation to meet growing demands of the student population. These renovations include safety and systems upgrades.
  • Camp Randall: Upgrades are needed to mechanical, electrical/telecom, and plumbing systems.
  • Kohl Center: The current facility requires an expansion to better serve student athletes, including space for sports medicine and academics.

I ask for your support of higher education and UW–Madison by including these requests in your 2019–21 budget. Thank you for your consideration.