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Karen (Mullen) Kosky '95
The current mascot known as "Bucky" was originally drawn in 1940 by artist Art Evans. At that time, Art Lentz, a publicity director, had the idea to bring the mascot to life by using a real badger. The live badger was too vicious to control, and in the interest of fan and player safety, was retired to the zoo. Shortly thereafter, the Badger Yearbook replaced the live badger with a small raccoon named Regdab ("badger" backward) and passed it off as a "badger in a raccoon coat." In 1949, the badger mascot was reinstated when a student was commissioned to mold a papier-mâche badger head, which was worn at the Homecoming game. A contest was staged to name the popular mascot and "Buckingham U. Badger," or "Bucky," won. Bucky Badger has persevered throughout the years, even surviving a threat by Attorney General Howard Koop, who suggested that Bucky be replaced by Henrietta Holstein, a lovable cow.

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