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11 Things We’re Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving, Badgers! As we prepare to fill up on tryptophan and pass out in front of a football game, we offer a few grace notes from the last year at UW–Madison. We’re 11 months into 2019, and so here are the 11 things we’re most grateful for so far …

  1. Jan. The Pinstripe Bowl. Sure, this happened in December 2018, but it helped to wash away the disappointment of the last football season.
  2. Feb. Instant cocoa. You were a genius, Charles Sanna ’39.
  3. March Melting ice on Lake Mendota. This year, the lake opened on March 31. When the Tong Family Marina reopens next year, we’re going to sail so many boats.
  4. April Mike Leckrone’s last Varsity Band Concert. We’re going to miss you, Mike!
  5. May Graduation speaker J. J. Watt x’12.
  6. June 150 years of coeducation at UW–¬Madison.
  7. July Rose Lavelle and a World Cup win.
  8. Aug. A newly renovated “pretty Witte” Hall.
  9. Sept. Bucky’s Tuition Promise and a brand-new freshman class.
  10. Oct. UW professor Sami Schalk twerking with Lizzo.
  11. Nov. Robot food delivery. When the temperature heads south of the freezing point and half a foot of snow falls even before December starts, we want our grub brought to the door.

And finally, we’re grateful for all of you, the 446,810 (or thereabouts) living alumni of UW–Madison. Thanks for reading!