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On Wisconsin is published four times a year for alumni and friends of the University of Wisconsin-Madison by the Wisconsin Alumni Association, in partnership with University Communications and the University of Wisconsin Foundation. One of the largest circulation alumni magazines in the country, each issue is mailed to some 331,000 homes.

Through this unique partnership, the University of Wisconsin Foundation provides generous funding for the magazine, and editors, writers, graphic designers, photographers, and production assistants at University Communications and the Wisconsin Alumni Association produce the editorial content.

Jeff Skiles at Super Bowl

Plane Speaking

November is Aviation Month, and to celebrate, we bring you a conversation with one of Badgerdom’s biggest air heroes. Jeff Skiles was the co-pilot on US Airways Flight 1529 on Jan. 15, 2009, when it was forced to make an emergency touchdown on the Hudson River.

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Desludging Dakar

Pioneering behavioral economist Laura Schechter is turning to group dynamics, altruism, and cell phones to improve sanitation in areas without access to modern plumbing.

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The Warlord’s Biographer

In his recent book, Brian Williams PhD’99 sets the record straight on Afghanistani general and now vice president Abdul Dostum, who, along with his cavalry of two thousand Uzbek horsemen, helped the United States defeat the Taliban in a key battle in late 2001.

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Staying Power

A standout journalist while on campus, these days Phil Rosenthal ’85 covers the very industry that provides his paycheck — and he urges skeptics not to write off newspapers just yet.

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Old School

Remember when Chadbourne Hall housed only women? Attending a class in the old Law Building? Your room at old Ogg Hall? Grabbing a table at the old Union South? Take this walk down memory lane and revisit campus buildings that have come and gone.

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It Was a Very Good Year

In 1964, the university was marked by rising interest in civil rights, a legendary live music scene, and such a large incoming class that officials considered banning student cars and bicycles and building a campus subway or monorail.

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Are the Kids Really All Right?

As the cost of college education rises, so does the need for financial literacy. UW administrators and researchers are trying to find the best ways to educate students and parents about debt, value, and planning for the future.

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