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Dalia Mogahed ’97

10 Questions with Dalia Mogahed ’97

Get to know UW alumna Dalia Mogahed — director of research at the Institute of Social Policy and Understanding — as she discusses the impacts of 9/11, what it was like to advise President Barack Obama, and her advice for future Badgers.

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How Well Do You Know the Terrace?

Now close your eyes … and pretend you’re at the Terrace. Now open your eyes and see how well you know the Terrace throughout the years. We promise you’ll feel like you’re right there!

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Photo of Kasey Keeler ’05.

Badgering: Kasey Keeler ’05

Professor Kasey Keeler discusses what that “home” looks like for American Indian students and community members whose ancestors have called the Madison area home for centuries.

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