Membership FAQs

Who can become a member of the Wisconsin Alumni Association?
WAA welcomes alumni, friends, faculty, staff, and parents into the membership ranks. You do not need to be a graduate of UW–Madison to be a part of this special Badger community.
What are the benefits of joining the Wisconsin Alumni Association?
By becoming a WAA member, you’ll truly be where Badgers belong because wherever you live, you’ll always feel more connected to your Badger roots. Plus, members enjoy the benefit of knowing that they’re supporting valuable programs and services designed to enhance the lives of all alumni, students, fans, and friends. Grandparents University, Home Field Advantage, and WAA Travel are a few of the WAA programs offered to members. As a way of thanking members for their support and dedication, WAA also provides an array of exclusive benefits.
What membership options are available?
The Wisconsin Alumni Association offers both annual and life membership options. Recent grads — those who graduated from UW–Madison within the last five years — can enjoy all membership benefits at a special rate. We also offer a special rate to senior members who are 65 years old or older. Join for two years to save even more!
Does it cost more for my spouse/partner to be a member?
We offer joint memberships at significant savings for a spouse or partner who is living in the same household.
Does WAA membership automatically make me a member of my local alumni chapter?
Local alumni chapters do not charge dues, so you may participate in your chapter regardless of your WAA member status. Please refer to our alumni chapter page for information on events in your local area.
When will my WAA membership card arrive?
Your WAA member card and membership kit should arrive in the mail within four weeks. In the meantime, discover how you can make the most of your membership by checking out the variety of exclusive members-only benefits that are available to you.
How can I update my credit card information?
Members who are making monthly installment payments toward life memberships can update their credit card information by calling 608-262-2551 or toll free 800-947-2586.
Whom should I contact to update my address, request a replacement card, or ask other membership-related questions?
You can update your address via our update form. For other membership assistance, call 608-262-2551 or toll free 888-WIS-ALUM (947-2586), or email
Are my membership dues and sustaining contributions tax deductible?
WAA considers your dues and any sustaining contributions you make to be charitable contributions. In many cases, they are tax deductible. Please consult your tax adviser for further information about your specific circumstances.
How can I receive a WAA wall calendar?
Those who make a contribution at the Super Badger level and above will receive a WAA wall calendar for the coming year. Please consider making a gift to WAA.
Do I need to be a WAA member to receive On Wisconsin magazine?
Not necessarily. If you are a UW–Madison graduate and live in the United States, you will automatically receive On Wisconsin. If you live outside the United States or are not a UW–Madison graduate (no matter where you live), you must be a WAA member to receive the magazine.
What is Badger Insider magazine?
Although all domestic alumni receive On Wisconsin, only WAA members get a subscription to Badger Insider. Filled with fun stories and interesting articles, the Insider is what being a Badger is all about.
Will my sustaining contribution be recognized in Badger Insider?
Everyone who contributes at the Big Red level or above will be recognized in a future issue of Badger Insider, WAA’s members-only publication.
Does my WAA membership give me access to football tickets?
Home Field Advantage is a WAA program that offers football-weekend packages to members. These include football tickets and hotel accommodations for select football weekends. Packages sell out every year, and eligibility is limited to current WAA members. Otherwise, WAA does not normally have access to football tickets for all home games. But every season, tickets are available to WAA members for select games.
Why is WAA Travel now a WAA member benefit?
The Wisconsin Alumni Association is a membership organization, and membership in WAA is designed to provide a special sense of community. To help create and achieve that feeling of community, WAA offers members a variety of benefits, special access, member pricing, and other exclusive perks. With the lasting connections that travelers make on our tours, WAA Travel truly embodies a sense of community, so including it as a WAA benefit makes perfect sense. One person in your traveling party must be a WAA member to participate in a WAA Travel excursion. Learn more.
Do I need to be a WAA member to participate in Grandparents University?
Yes. Grandparents University, the two-day program for grandparents and grandchildren held every summer on the UW–Madison campus, is a WAA member benefit. To be able to register for and attend one of the three sessions of Grandparents University, you must be a current WAA member.
Is a WAA membership the same as a Wisconsin Union membership?
No. WAA and the Wisconsin Union are separate organizations with distinct membership structures. Both organizations serve the university, and both offer a variety of member benefits.
How can I take advantage of my members-only UW–Madison Libraries online access?
Enter your WAA member ID to gain access to your library benefits from our website. Members receive exclusive online access to Project Muse, Sage Journals, and the ProQuest ABI/INFORM database. If you need assistance, call 608-262-2551 or toll free 800-947-2586, or email
How can I get a WAA alumni email address?
UW–Madison alumni, students, and WAA members can sign up for a free email account by submitting the request form.
How can I access WAA’s Badger Bridge alumni directory?
Badger Bridge is a professional network that empowers alumni connections. Not only does it allow you to stay in touch with fellow graduates, but Badger Bridge also provides a platform for creating professional and career connections. Click on “Alumni Directory” in the red menu bar at the top of this page or visit