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Stephanie Ugalde ’17

Supports small business owners of color in her community.

Stephanie Ugalde is a 2017 graduate of UW-Madison where she majored in Spanish and a certificate in Gender and Women’s Studies. Stephanie spent her childhood in Temascalcingo, Estado de México. She and her family moved to Madison, WI in her early adolescence. She attended middle school and high school in Madison. In high school she was a part of the AVID/TOPS Program as well as the PEOPLE Program. She thought the decision to attend UW was an easy one - stay close to family as well as have a full-tuition scholarship from PEOPLE.

Stephanie is currently an HR Business Partner at The Employer Group in Verona, WI. She enjoys her position as she can support small business owners, while also educating and supporting ethnic minorities. In her role, she is responsible for HR consultation, benefits support, talent management, training, and employee relations. As a first generation college graduate, she is finding her way through the corporate world while also contributing to the Latine community. She is able to assist community members with resume building, mock interviews, job hunting and HR guidance.

One of Stephanie’s biggest accomplishments since her undergraduate career is buying her first home. She says, “As a daughter of immigrants, the idea of having a stable job and a home seemed very distant, but their sacrifices allowed me to achieve that. It is a very surreal feeling even though to some it may seem normal.” She has some advice to other recent graduates, “Take care of yourself! It is very easy to make your life a never ending cycle once you join the workforce, but allow yourself the time to process the way your life is changing at every stage of your life. I remember the change from college to a full-time job and it was rough - I wish someone would've reminded me that everything takes time and there isn't a perfect "time" to get a job, house, and even settle down. Be kind to yourself.” Such inspiring advice, Stephanie! Interested in connecting with Stephanie? Find her on LinkedIn.

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