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President’s Message

Dear UW-Madison Alumni and Friends of Wisconsin,

Thank you for stopping by our website - the official site of the Wisconsin Alumni Association: Las Vegas Chapter - now officially known as the Vegas Badgers, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization under IRS guidelines. Whether you're local to the Las Vegas area or an occasional visitor, we invite you to participate in our Chapter events. The main objective of our Chapter is similar to those of the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA), namely to promote in an organized manner the best interests of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  As an Alumni Chapter existing in harmony with the WAA, the Chapter’s additional objectives are to provide opportunities for alumni to engage locally, to identify and nurture volunteer leaders, to celebrate alumni who make a difference in greater Clark County, to find a worthy Clark County student annually to award an annual scholarship to, and to showcase Badger spirit to current and future alumni. There is no cost to membership or joining our Board or taking on a Committee role with our Chapter - we only ask for your time and unwavering Badger spirit!

Per our Chapter bylaws: “Any individual who has attended UW-Madison or who has an honorable interest in the University shall be entitled to membership in the Chapter. This organization expressly encourages spouses of alumni or friends of the University to be included in any activity in which they wish to participate.”

This is an open invitation for all Badgers with a Vegas connection to get involved and join in on celebrating our great University of Wisconsin-Madison traditions. Whether it be assisting at a college fair, providing service to our community, a football game in the fall, a basketball game in the winter (or hopefully a couple of weeks into the spring), one of our nature hikes, a visit to a ghost town, or any other events in which you have interest, we'd love to meet you and get to know you better! We also love making Badgers and friends of Wisconsin in town on vacation or business feel like they're at home when they join us at any of our events!

Please add our website to your "Favorites" and stop by frequently to keep informed of our events and participation opportunities. Questions and suggestions are welcomed through our Chapter email address of (Please email us there also to be added to our email list - we never spam nor sell email addresses - and you may opt-out at any time.) You can also reach me personally at And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

On Wisconsin!

Rich Teschler
Vegas Badgers, Inc.
WAA Las Vegas Chapter
BA Political Science and International Relations ’96