WAA Chapter Leader Handbook

WAA Recognized Chapters

Officially recognized chapters partner with WFAA and receive staff and program support to plan and execute their events and activities. Chapters that go above and beyond will be recognized as Varsity or Bascom chapters.

In order to be recognized as a chapter, a chapter must fulfill the following minimum annual administrative requirements:

Administrative Requirements

  • Establish a chapter contact who is a UW–Madison alumna or alumnus
  • Hold board meetings (if applicable)
  • Provide a board roster
  • Sign a data agreement
  • Direct communications to chapter participants through the WFAA email system
  • Use WAA-branded logos and materials for all communications and promotional materials at events
  • Refrain from charging chapter dues

WAA Support For Chapters

  • Email distribution to your local alumni
  • Registration support for most events
  • Chapter location, contact information, game- watch location, and social platforms posted on chapters.uwalumni.com
  • Promotional materials
  • Chapter Region Demographic Profile
  • Maintaining the Chapter Leader Handbook and chapter-leader web pages
  • Chapter-leader communications and training
  • Assigned WFAA chapter representative
  • Branded name tags