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Recognized Chapters 101

In order to be a recognized Wisconsin Alumni Association chapter, the following requirements must be met:

Annual Administrative Requirements

  • Submit an annual leadership/board roster using WAA’s online form .
  • All members of a chapter or group leadership board need to complete all necessary paperwork, including:
    • WFAA Volunteer Expectations Agreement (formerly Code of Ethics and Data Confidentiality Agreement)
    • WFAA Volunteer Expectations Agreement – Additional Expectations
    • WAA Affiliate Agreement — beginning September 2023
  • Direct all alumni communications through WAA email systems. This is very important. Chapters may not contact local alumni through their own email channels.
  • Establish a chapter board.
  • Establish a social media presence.
  • Ensure that chapter officers are UW–Madison alumni.
  • Use WAA-branded logos and materials for all communications and promotional materials at events.
  • Abstain from charging dues.

WAA Support for All Official Chapters

Chapters help WAA to get the word out about UW–Madison around the globe, and WAA knows that you can’t do it alone. That’s why the WAA team provides you with quality services and support.

WAA offers:

  • Free email distribution to your local alumni.
  • Free promotional materials and staff support for WAA-related events.
  • Marketing and registration support for chapter-driven events.
  • Invitation printing and mailing to incoming students for Badger Student Send-Off Celebrations.
  • Programming, fundraising, and stewardship support for scholarship programs.
  • Demographic data about alumni in your area.
  • Online guidance and resources for Badger leaders.
  • Ongoing Badger leaders training and communications.
  • An annual Badger Leaders Conference for both domestic and international leaders.
  • An assigned WAA chapter representative.
  • WAA- and university-branded items and materials for events.
  • WAA- and university-branded assets for social media.
  • Branded name tags.
  • Free business cards.
  • Coordination and support of enrichment events.

Recommended Checklist for Running Your Chapter

  • Submit address changes and alumni-contact updates to WAA.
  • Complete all necessary WAA paperwork, including:
    • Data Agreement
    • Code of Ethics
    • Volunteer Expectations
  • Establish bylaws, including a leadership succession plan.
  • Use social media to market your chapter and events.
  • Use a WAA chapter logo.
  • Hold at least one board meeting each year.
  • Promote WAA programs and corporate events.
  • Promote stories from the UW, WAA, and/or the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association social accounts.
  • Hold one event outside of game watches and Badger Student Send-Off Celebrations each year.
  • Have at least one chapter leader participate in Badger-leaders training.
  • Inform your WAA chapter representative about the major decisions and developments of your board.
  • Maintain active and prompt communication with your WAA representative.
  • Establish a scholarship program to support local students attending UW–Madison.


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