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Communications Committee

Job Description

The Communications committee supports the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) mission by building an inclusive local community of UW alumni and supporters united by Badger pride, spirit, and the desire to advance UW-Madison's positive impact on the world.  This committee is responsible for chapter-driven communications with local alumni to increase awareness, increase engagement, and maintain good public relations for the local chapter, WAA and UW-Madison.   

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop an annual cadence of communications that best supports the needs of the local chapter – including e-newsletters, social accounts, and WAA website (if applicable).
  • Ensure all chapter communications are aligned with WAA policies and protocols.
  • Regularly manage chapter social accounts.
  • Complete WAA training for access to WAA chapter webpage- if applicable.
  • Regularly update chapter webpage with local chapter information, contacts, events, stories, and other important information – if applicable.
  • Stay up to date with WAA, WFAA, and UW-Madison events and stories to share on chapter social accounts.


  • Understand the WAA mission and purpose of alumni communities.
  • Strong affinity to UW-Madison
  • Commitment to create an inclusive Badger community
  • Ability to maintain communications with WAA
  • Ability to stay informed on WAA news, updates, and information through Badger Leaders
  • Excellent writing and verbal skills
  • Strong organization and planning skills
  • Experience with social media, a plus
  • Previous work experience in communications and media, a plus