Ask Abe: Varsity Band Sheet Music Toss

An Alum

At the end of the annual spring concert, UW Varsity Band members throw their sheet music into the air. Is it picked up and re-sorted for use again?


The sheet music that rains down after the spring concert gets swept up and is never used again. But it’s no ordinary sheet music: it comes from seniors who toss all of the sheet music that they’ve accumulated during their years in the UW Varsity Band. It’s a bittersweet celebration, with seniors excited to graduate, yet sad to see their band careers end — just as the show’s spectators are sad to see the musical celebration end. The spring concert is a special tradition for UW–Madison alumni, students, and friends. It’s a three-night extravaganza — complete with special guests, theatrical sets, and pyrotechnics — that’s performed in front of 25,000 cheering Badger fans.