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Advocacy Coalition

Be an advocate for higher education in Wisconsin — and beyond.

What is the Advocacy Coalition?
The coalition is a group of dedicated UW–Madison alumni and friends who support government policies that positively impact the university. Advocates are encouraged to participate at their own comfort level, whether that means communicating with legislators, signing petitions, or simply staying informed on the issues.

Why does the university need me to advocate?
Because UW–Madison is a public university, its budget and policies are affected by our government. Your voice helps guide the priorities of elected officials, so it’s important that you share your story about the valuable impact that higher education has had on your life and your community.

What happens when I join the coalition?
You’ll receive resources and news updates regarding key issues affecting UW–Madison. These will help you be an informed and empowered advocate, so you’ll be ready when action opportunities arise. These opportunities may include online petitions, special advocacy events, calls to contact your elected officials, and more.

How often should I expect communications?
On average, advocacy updates are sent every couple of months or so. We will contact you more often only when key advocacy opportunities arise, such as UW–Madison Day or when legislation that directly impacts the university is being considered. Bear in mind that our advocate database is updated monthly. Depending on when you join, it may take some time before you start receiving communications.

I’m interested. How do I join?
To join the coalition, fill out the form below — even if you’ve attended an advocacy event in the past.

Join the Coalition

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